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Why Choose LivLive?

Why Choose LivLive?

You may be thinking, Why would my company ever want to go live? After all, live video can be rather unpredictable and can sometimes take a lot of effort to produce. We get it. A company live stream may not sound like a viable idea at first, but hear us out. We argue that live streaming is the new version of radio: a powerful marketing tool that meets today’s audiences exactly where they are. And no matter the size of your company, live streaming holds tangible benefits for your business.

Going live provides a whole new platform to reach clients and customers, future and existing. Producing a company stream will boost engagement, help build a trusting relationship with your audience, and elevate your company’s reputation.

With live streaming being more accessible by consumers more than ever, it’s practically a no-brainer. YouTube, Facebook Live, and many other live streaming platforms offer solutions for live video. YouTube, for example, has 30 million active daily users who collectively watch one billion hours of content per day. What a fantastic opportunity to get your message in front of some eyeballs! They paved a path with live streaming and LivLive is carrying the streaming torch to help benefit business owners specifically.

There are many benefits to using live video streaming services to broadcast your business as opposed to creating a streaming server on your own. Setting up your own live stream server requires technical skills, cost and experience that the average business professional doesn’t have or doesn’t have time to invest in the research. You can purchase your own server with Wowza Media Systems, for example, but this option can get too complicated and expensive especially in regards to scalability and that has yet to even touch on the camera equipment that comes along with streaming.

If you aren’t yet very familiar with streaming technology, it’s generally easier, more effective and more affordable to use a professional live streaming service like LivLive. Using our platform makes it easier for you to promote your business and show prospect customers that it’s the place to be! 

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