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The Indie Film Fest is happening in Phoenix this weekend!

The Indie Film Fest is happening in Phoenix this weekend!

The Indie Film Fest is happening this weekend, February 10,11, and 12th in downtown Phoenix. It is an event where creative storytellers come together to share their art. Artists give fresh insights and new perspectives by showing their most recent art works such as short films, music videos, and multimedia installations. Artists from all over the world will be participating at the Indie Film Fest here, in downtown Phoenix. Free outdoor film screenings will be shown after sunset. The Churchill, a combination of several local businesses, including bars in restaurants, will serve refreshments.

Meanwhile, two nearby locations, The Roosevelt Row Welcome Center and Cahokia, an Indigenous led and women owned art space will feature additional exhibits. After the show, there will be a filmmaker discussion panel for everyone interested in more details about the art. 


Can’t make it? Not to worry, LIVLIVE will be live streaming the event at all different locations for everyone to see. Anyone who won’t be able to attend the event, will be able to watch exclusive live-streams from the event Friday night on the free LIVLIVE App!


It’s truly as easy as downloading the LiVLIVE app and clicking on the live-stream. The live-stream will start at 6pm and ends at 7pm. There will be several cameras set up so nothing will be missed!

Get excited for a fun event, only live-streamed by LIVLIVE and download the LIVLIVE App to view this live-steam for yourself. 


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