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My LIVLIVE Camera is installed, now what?!

My LIVLIVE Camera is installed, now what?!

Did you recently have your LIVLIVE camera installed but aren’t quite sure how to move forward?!

The possibilities are endless for how you can utilize your new streaming platform!

  • Gain new customers
  • Stay better connected with current customers
  • Create brand awareness

…and so much more when you stream with the LIVLIVE App! Here are some easy and effective next steps to take now that your LIVLIVE live streaming camera is up and running.

Schedule Upcoming Events:

Getting the word out about upcoming events just got a whole lot easier. Scheduling events is a great tool to take advantage of when using the LIVLIVE App. It allows you to organize your future upcoming events and lets customers see all that you have to offer!

Add promotions: 

Adding promotions to your business site on the LIVLIVE App is another great tool to utilize. Not only does this help current customers see what deals and promotions they can look forward to, but it also incentivises new customers to visit!

Create your LIVLIVE Channel Bio

Explaining your business and what it does is another great way for customers to have an insight into who you really are. This allows customers to quickly begin forming a connection to and overall brand awareness with your business.

Share your channel on social media:

Giving your current and future customers as many opportunities as possible to connect with you and your business is essential to any digital marketing strategy. Sharing your channel link on social media gives potential customers that nay be considering utilizing your business even more opportunity to see you and all you have to offer.


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