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LIVLIVE Introduces the new LIVLIVE Broadcaster App!

LIVLIVE Introduces the new LIVLIVE Broadcaster App!

LIVLIVE Introduces its LIVE Broadcaster App!

LIVLIVE is changing the way you are able to connect with an audience. Whether you are looking to reach new people, or share something special with an exclusive group, the LIVLIVE Broadcaster channel offers an easy and high quality streaming platform for you. 


What is LIVLIVE Broadcaster App?


The LIVLIVE Broadcast App is the sister app to the LIVLIVE live streaming app. It allows individual broadcasters to stream their activities LIVE. Now anyone will have the opportunity to stream their gigs, events, workshops, and so much more, LIVE for everyone to see. This gives people the opportunity to watch it from wherever they are located around the world from any device.


You can Monetize Your Channel


An individual broadcaster who is live streaming on the LIVLIVE app has the possibility to charge their viewers a monthly or weekly fee, with other pay-per view options. When live-streaming an event, you also have the ability to save the stream for future viewing on your channel. This gives creators easy access to a lot of content that they can use in the future. 


The streaming Possibilities are Endless


Anyone who wants to attract a bigger audience can stream. This is a great way to market your business or to simply just stream an event. Below are examples of what and where you can use the IBC program: 

  • Live DJ Sets
  • Artists
  • Weddings
  • Fashion shows
  • Educational talks
  • Concerts
  • Art shows
  • Soccer games / Football games etc.
  • Hikes 
  • Charity events 

If you can dream it, we can stream it! You will even have access to an individualized link that makes it easy to direct people back to your channel! You also have the capability to schedule out future events so that your viewers know what they can look forward to! See for yourself how easy becoming a LIVLIVE Broadcaster is by creating your free channel now, or learn more by checking out our LIVLIVE Broadcaster FAQ!

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