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Frequently Asked Questions about the LIVLIVE Broadcaster App/



Q: How do I begin streaming with the LIVLIVE Broadcaster app?

A: Download the LIVLIVE Broadcaster app. Create a profile. Once your profile is approved you may begin streaming, scheduling streams, and archiving your streams for later use.



Q: What type of content can I stream on the LIVLIVE Broadcaster app.

A: This app is designed to reach a large variety of audiences. Entertainment, live events, sports, health and wellness, personal development, fashion, talk shows, cooking shows, and pay-per-view movies are just a few of the areas in which our app has already been used. We are consistently expanding our audiences with our innovative and unique streamers.



Q: Is there any type of content that isn’t allowed to be streamed on the LIVLIVE app?

A: We do not allow violence or any explicitly sexual content. 




Q: Can LIVLIVE Broadcasters charge their audience per view?

A: Yes, streamers have the option to charge their viewers for either individual views or for a subscription as a whole. 



Q: What is the cost to be a LIVLIVE Broadcaster?

A: It is free to be a LIVLIVE broadcaster. 

Q: Can other streamers join my stream?

A: Absolutely. The LIVLIVE broadcaster app allows other streamers to join your stream so that viewers can see your event from different angles. 



Q: What equipment do I need to stream on the LIVLIVE broadcaster app?

A: You only need your phone. Nothing else is required.



Q: How can I set up my phone to my DJ controller?

A: You simply connect your phone to the I-rig, then connect the I-rig to one of the outs on your DJ controller. Once you start streaming, your audience should only receive audio from your controller. Any background noises will be excluded from your stream.



Q: How do I share an IBC profile with other users?

A: Once you’re on the LIVLIVE app, click on the profile that you want to share. When on the profile you want to share, click on the share button. The share button is on the right side of the stream next to the profile’s name.


Q: Can I save my streams for later?

A: Yes. Our App has archiving capabilities that allow you to see your streams for later. 

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