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I created my LIVLIVE Broadcaster account… What now?

I created my LIVLIVE Broadcaster account… What now?

When setting up your LIVLIVE Broadcaster profile you could be wondering, ‘What comes next? How do I gain followers and share my streams?’ Fortunately, the LIVLIVE Broadcaster App is simple and extremely intuitive. Here are a few things you can do to spread the word about your channel and even monetize it! 


What to do after your LIVLIVE Channel is Created:



Tell your social media following about it:

Reach out to your current audience and tell them where they can find new content from you. 

  • Make a post
  • Tell your followers about the app
  • Put your profile in your bio

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter and even LinkedIn are great for promotion, and with the ability to share your individual channel, directing them to you is easy!



Start scheduling your future streams

: This is a great way to announce your future live streams and to let your viewers know what they can look forward to. This ensures that you and your viewers stay up to date on all of your latest events, seminars, etc.. Even better, LIVLIVE notifies your viewers whenever you go live. 



Monetize your stream and audience:

Do you have a substantial following and feel that a large amount of viewers will download the LIVLIVE App just to see your stream?! Cool! Let us pay you for it! LIVLIVE would be happy to have you as an ambassador to the company. Reach out to us and we will be happy to tell you more!



Help us help you:

We want to see LIVLIVE streamers get the most out of their content creation. Tag us in your posts on Social Media so we can reshare your content and help you reach a bigger audience! Are you a part of a large upcoming event?! We want to know about it to make sure our viewers stay up to date with all the streams they can view! 



Stream with other IBCer’s:

Live-streaming with other IBCers will help you gain a bigger audience and will give you more exposure, not to mention it’s a ton of fun! 

Don’t be shy! LIVLIVE is intended for organic interaction and engagement of all kinds.


  • Workshops 
  • Events like the Indie Film Fest
  • Concerts 
  • Video Blogs 
  • Lectures and educational classes 
  • Workouts and wellness activities



..are only a few of the things we are proud to stream on the LIVLIVE channel. If you can dream it, we can stream it on the LIVLIVE App! So what are you waiting for? Download the LIVLIVE Broadcaster App and start streaming today! 


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