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How to have a successful Digital Marketing Strategy

How to have a successful Digital Marketing Strategy

With everyone on their devices theses days, having a successful digital marketing strategy is essential for any business but especially for smaller, local establishments. Letting your potential customers know all that you have to offer, quickly and conveniently is necessary to survive.

Let’s use businesses like: 

– Bars 

– Restaurants 

– Barber shops 

– Gyms 

– Yoga studios

…As examples. 


With so many similar options so close to one another, clearly communicating the difference between you and your competitors is imperative to sticking around.

Digital marketing can seem overwhelming and scary because of all of the unknown and changing algorithms but as a technology based marketing company, us at
LIVLIVE, feel like we might know a thing or two about this subject 😉 

Here are a few digital marketing strategies that will hopefully help you connect more with your current and potential customers! 

Make it easy for them to find out about your deals and promotions:

Offering exclusive deals is a great way to bring in customers. Unfortunately, if they don’t reach enough people, they can seem pointless. Sharing your promotions and offers digitally through:

– Social media posts: Like instagram stories or posts. 

– Your LIVLIVE Channel: A great way to entice live-stream viewers to visit your establishment.

– A newsletter: This is a great way to communicate your deals with your current or past customers.


Having valuable content readily available:

Creating brand awareness and familiarity is key to a successful marketing strategy . Having valuable content out there for your customers to access at all times is a great approach for this. Blogs and reels are a great way to do this but can feel rather time consuming. 

The LIVLIVE App is an easy and effective way to have consistent content showing your customers all you have to offer without all of the extra hassle. Live-streaming devices within your location allow potential customers to see your establishment in real time. The archiving feature also allows you to save streams to your channel for later views if you want to showcase a special event or feature. 


Cross Marketing

As entrepreneurs, we should all want to see one another in, especially other businesses that boost our reach and engagement. Cross Marketing digitally can look like: 

Blog features 

Social media reshares and tagging

Deul promotion of an event

At LIVLIVE we personally LOVE the cross marketing strategy! We truly believe that for our streamers and IBCers to experience success is for us to experience it as well! 



Authenticity is key

Above all the tricks and gimmicks out there, nothing seems to do the trick like true authenticity. Consumers don’t want to make the decision of where to go based on stock photography and reviews from 5 years ago. They want to see the true, genuine heartbeat of your business. Allowing customers to truly get to know you and your business is the secret to separating yourself from your competitors, sounds simple enough, right? Simple, but not always easy. 

That’s why LIVLIVE originally introduced to LIVLIVE App! Now, instead of spending hours trying to determine how to “organically” showcase your business and all it offers, you can just let our live-streaming technology do it for you! 


Hopefully all these pointers help you see that successful digital marketing doesn’t have to be overly time consuming, in fact, quite the opposite. Thanks to LIVLIVE, you can quite literally, set it and forget it! Ask us how you can become a LIVLIVE streamer! 


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