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Getting the word out about your LIVLIVE Camera!

Getting the word out about your LIVLIVE Camera!

Today, it can be a challenge to get new customers to download an app and follow a new trend. However, when a marketing strategy is done right, it can be straightforward and simple to get new customers onboard with an app.

Included are four great ways to get new customer with a new app, such as the LIVLIVE app:


Cross promotion: 

Cross promoting is one of the most effective and direct strategies to get to new customers. It helps bring in content and ads across different social media platforms. It is not only free, it also gives attention to various marketers. That is one of the reasons we love to share our streamers’ content on social media, in newsletters and a variety of other areas. As a new streamer, ways that you can get the most out of cross promotion with your channel, include: 

Tag LIVLIVE in your event promotions on instagram so that we can reshare them for you

-Invite another streamer to your live-stream for cross promotion opportunities

-Reshare LIVLIVE connect about yourself and other streamers near you

Keep it simple with QR codes:

A successful way to share your channel so that your audience knows where to find you is making it simple with QR codes. QR codes have really changed the way we can get information to our clients and we absolutely love them. Current LIVLIVE streamers such as: 

  • Bars 
  • Restaurants 
  • Car washes 
  • Barber shops 

…and more, have LIVLIVE tents with QR codes on-site that allow for an easy scan and download of the LIVLIVE App


Create a Promotion:

Creating a promotion to incentivize your customers to follow your LIVLIVE channel is a great way to encourage downloads, but why would you want to do that? Once your customers are following you they can stay up to date on all of your promotions, events and more. They can even get push notifications right to their phone. This is a great strategy for turning a first time customer into a regular! These promotions are also visible to potential customers, making it all the more effective. 


As you can see there are many ways to help new and current customers discover more on your channel by using the LIVLIVE App! Not a current streamer, but interested in learning more about how you can become one? Contact us today! 


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