Aug 06, 2021 | News

50 Cent Drops Into Columbus At ‘Aftermath’

50 Cent Drops Into Columbus At ‘Aftermath’

LIVLIVE streamed its first-ever live concert straight from The Aftermath Venue in Columbus, Ohio this past weekend. With special guest 50 Cent and DJ Quickmode, it was indeed a great way for LIVLIVE to launch their independent streaming stations.

A couple of LIVLIVE team members flew out to Columbus to make sure the first stream was executed perfectly. From the camera’s perspective, we had a great view of the stage, as well as of the crowd, arguably the best seat in the house. It was the perfect view to get a full understanding of the venue, the crowd and the overall vibe.

The concert started with DJ Quickmode, who warmed the crowd up with some classic, upbeat hip hop songs, including: “Danger”, “Can’t Go For That” and “Time Today”. Watching it on the LIVLIVE live stream, one was able to observe that more people started showing the closer we got to the main performer, 50 Cent. It was great to see what was happening throughout the venue before 50 Cent went on. The crowd was dancing, bottle service was going, you could feel the excitement to see 50 cent, DJ Quickmode and the rest of the performers of the night! The live stream gave viewers the chance to get the full feel of what what was going that night at The Aftermath venue.

Once 50 Cent started playing, it was clear to see from the live stream that the crowd absolutely enjoyed the music and the ambiance. Watching the live stream, one had a clear view of 50 Cent’s performance and his singing. The team did a fantastic job at setting up clear and understandable audio when 50 Cent started singing/ rapping his songs. LIVLIVE’s live stream had a great way of filming the concert from the perfect angle. Watching the concert from LIVLIVE’s app was indeed a great experience to see a famous artist perform live without even having to worry about leaving your place. Besides, people who didn’t feel comfortable attending the concert for various reasons, or who just couldn’t join the concert due to its travel distance, had the ability now, to stream the concert live from their home or wherever they had internet access.

Accessing the concert from the phone form wherever one was located was very convenient and beneficial. Anyone who wasn’t able to attend the concert could easily access the concert by just downloading the app, LIVLIVE. This gave the venue and singer access to an unlimited number of fans that could stream the live concert from wherever they were located. Besides that, the venue, Aftermath, gained more publicity due to the live stream.

Overall, LIVLIVE had a great time filming the concert for free and is looking forward to filming the next big concert. It was definitely exciting for the entire team to bring this experience straight to anyone who had downloaded the app. Moving forward, LIVLIVE is excited to plan future concerts with famous artists. This is just an amazing and convenient way to stream concerts live in our world today. The innovate app gives people access to live streams that our world hasn’t experienced yet and especially now, it is a great way to stay connected and see what is happening from wherever you are in the world!

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