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5 Reasons You Should Be Live Streaming Now

5 Reasons You Should Be Live Streaming Now

1. A Business live Stream Can Help Build Trust Toward Your Brand

With live video, creating polished, highly edited video is incredibly tricky and must be done on the spot. But that’s okay! Viewers understand this. In fact, for many viewers this unedited, unpredictable, uninterrupted approach to video offers a certain charm as it presents the on-screen content in a true authentic and genuine way. This authenticity positively affects the level of trust towards your business and by extension the brand reputation. With more viewer trust, your business also gains more influence in your industry.


2. A Business live Stream Can Help Build Trust Toward Your Brand

The content created via live streaming is always very unique. Every moment of video is brand new, never before seen, and special. The immediate and unpredictable nature of live video draws more attention and compels viewers to interact with the content with a like or a share. From here, the word about the live stream spreads, and as new viewers tune in your business will grow. This connection helps build a better relationship between your business and your customer base. Additionally, live video has a much higher viewer retention rate than video on-demand (VOD) content. On average, people watch live videos as much as 10 times longer than VOD content! In this day and age of constant competition for consumer attention, a triple increase in time spent interacting with your content is pretty significant.


3. A business live stream can raise brand awareness and turn your employees into Ambassadors/Stars

Businesses can use live streaming to project the company message, just like they would through any other type of content. What makes live video different from other types of content is that it’s a much richer and more involved experience. The higher engagement and viewer retention rates of streaming present more opportunities for various opportunities like short announcements to a call to action or something in between. Putting more live content out there means receiving more attention for your business. It’s important to remember that viewers want to see the real you during a live stream. Although hiring outside talent is often a good idea for produced video content, using internal talent proves to be a better idea for business live streaming. Viewers love seeing recurring hosts (and all their quirks!). After a while and with regular appearances, these hosts turn into something more: they become on-screen personalities and a big attraction for your client base. Curiously enough, through this process of developing on-screen personalities the company also becomes more approachable. Customers are able to put a face to a brand, thereby personifying it. A business with a regular live stream is no longer just some large corporation; it’s a group of real people you can see and relate with. This also helps build a better relationship with the audience and boost brand loyalty.


4. Live content is actually easier to produce than polished on-demand video

Starting out with an entire live streaming setup may seem intimidating. After all, it can be unpredictable, many people could be watching. However, with time, live streaming gets much easier since it’s automated with LivLive. After you nail the basics of personalizing your outreach, the LivLive process becomes a matter of habit. An added bonus of live streaming is that it doesn’t require much post-production which can be costly. LivLive saves you both time and money.


5. Live streaming helps you understand what your audience likes

Live streaming is a great testing ground for ideas. You may be able to judge a concept based on viewership and engagement. Moreover, you won’t have to spend much time or effort on video production, yet your message will still reach your audience live! 


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